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out of boredom... i wonder if any one is still looking here :P

- first and foremost I am a complete romantic. Life without love for me is meaningless... if i am not involved with someone then you can bet I am actively searching for someone to be with, regardless of anything else.
- I am able to forgive, but not to forget... If i feel betrayed I will try to stay with the person or situation as long as i can, but when i am done, i am done, and will leave without saying another word.
- I love people, but i am easily drained by them. I get bored with everyday conversation "how are you today?" or "what's up?", and prefer deep intense conversations, or ones that are at least entertaining. I tend to mainly be a recluse, i rarely talk to anyone other than my boyfriend when im not at work or school.
- I am extremely sensitive, i don't take criticism very well at all, and i cry during most movies and sappy commercials and t.v. shows at the drop of a hat.
- I can be very possessive and jealous of those i care about... i tend to not be happy when a friend of mine has other friends, and i would be seething inside if my boyfriend merely TALKED to another girl... i like to be the only one in everybody's lives, and even though i try to tell myself im being ridiculous, i can't stop feeling the jealousy.
- I am very warmhearted, considerate, and compassionate towards others... i tend to not rock the boat unless my values are broken and then i will stand up and give a piece of my mind, i tend to be the shoulder to cry on, children adore me and i adore them...
- I tend to live in a fantasy world where all my romantic and social ideals come to life, i am extremely shy unless im comfortable and then i can get goofy and ditzy and appear extroverted, i tend to be very introspective and drawn to melancholy- though i always try to look for the sun behind the clouds... i think metaphorically, i love art and nature and animals... i have a very short attention span and a quick temper that flares up fast but dies just as fast... i have a guilt complex and a bad habit of always saying "im sorry" even when it's not my fault. And I try to be perfect for everyone.

anddddd i think thats all :) &hearts

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