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So... what am I?

~ I enjoy talking with friends and family.
~ I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth at times.
~ I can be really sensitive but very friendly.
~ I have been viewed as intimidating.
~ I am slow to anger... but once angry watch out.
~ I am down to earth and very optimistic.
~ I am a loyal person and don't ever utter the word betray.
~ I have a high sense of justice.
~ I am vindictive.. I don't know how that is a positive... but yeah.
~ I love home cooking and fine things. Such as music, silk, soft things, ect.
~ I have a decent sense of humor enough to be witty.
~ I am rather loud despite me saying I am quiet.
~ My contradiction in myself is I am caring yet I am cruel honest. I will tell you as it is.

That is all you get. Remember no cheating lovelies! <333
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