Maria (murbot) wrote in guess_mysign,

Guess guess :D

1. I am often a pessimist, however, when I feel accomplished I am optimistic.
2. I'm very reserved, shy, and quiet when it comes to meeting new people.
3. I value solitude as well as for being independent.
4. I HATE clingy people.
5. I have a very short-temper. I get angry easily.
6. I am completely honest
7. I tend to hurt people's feelings without even realizing it.
8. I try to keep my head up through the most difficult times.
9. I am definitely NOT a hopeless romantic.
10. I'd rather be single than being in a relationship.
11. I'm not close to so many people.
12. There are only a select few people that I would do anything for.
13. I'm loyal.
14. I don't express my fondness to my peers, it feels too awkward for me.
15. I don't show physical affection to anyone. As in; I don't hug people unless they hug me first, I'm asked for a hug, I need a hug, or I see someone whom I haven't seen in a very long time.
16. I have a very vivid imagination. I come up with lots of ideas (Yet I never use them.)
17. I love arguments, only when I know that I am winning.
18. I am competitive.
19. Overly-emotional people piss me off. They get confusing
20. I don't hold grudges.
21. I find nature beautiful. (plants, trees, flowers, etc)
22. I absolutely love dogs and cats.
23. When there is something I want to learn, I try get into it.
24. I have self-esteem issues.
25. I give up easily.
26. I have a very good sense of humor, I am never afraid to make fun of myself.
27. When it comes to something that matters to me, I will fight for it.
28. I stick to my own opinions, however, chances are I will agree on the other side; yet I will stick to what I believe in.
29. Being successful makes me feel accomplished and very good about myself
30. I am decently talented at writing.
31. I can be cold-hearted and apathetic at most stories that people have (whether it be sad or happy.)
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