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I think you may have enough information in there to figure out my entire natal chart heh. My birthday is in my LJ profile. No cheating!

* If given the choice between living in a city or having my left arm hacked off, I would definitely hold out my left arm. I'm right handed anyway. I love rural areas and nature because I need space and solitude.
* I am gifted with words in written form, but very terse when I speak.
* I love food and I'm excellent at baking and cooking. Feeding people is one of life's greatest joys.
* I would say I'm conservative in most of my views.
* I've played clarinet and flute for 13 years, love to write and keep a full sketch pad.
* I'm careful about who I'm friends with because I have high expectations for them. I would give everything I have to help and protect my friends and family. However, there is a catch; I expect the same unconditional loyalty in return.
* I'm very good with children.
* I wear a composed mask because the real truth is that I am deeply moved by the plights of others.
* People tell me I space out a lot.
* I don't change my mind that often. I rarely give up on the people in my life or my ideals. I guess that's called being stubborn?
* Once I trust someone, I will gladly submit to them. However, any serious attempt to control me will end poorly. It's a real deal breaker.
* When I do turn my back on someone, it's a permanent decision.
* Usually I'm very literal and evaluate situations by their facts. This is intended to ward off my pessimistic tendencies.
* I am generally, quiet, shy and patient. However, there are two things that will send me into a blind rage during which time people and property are likely to be damaged or destroyed: 1 An attempt to physically harm me. 2 An attempt to seriously hurt someone I care about.
* I absolutely have to understand everything. It drives my husband crazy. When I was growing up I was the token "why" kid, except I was being genuine.
* I correct people a lot.
* No detail is too small. I will see it.
* I absolutely adore history. I have a deep need to understand the past. To give you an idea, I have 3 6' book shelves entirely dedicated to all of my books pertaining to history.
* My sense of humor is sometimes mean and sarcastic, but usually silly and playful. I'm a master of subtle puns.
* I reluctantly admit that my intuition is powerful. I just know things. And, oddly, when I get one of those "I just know" feelings, I'm never wrong.
* People watch me do things, scratch their heads and ask "what's she doing?" followed by "how in God's name did that work?"
* I must be kept busy. If there's a lot to be done, I'm full of energy.
* Once I'm in a stable environment I'm very organized. In fact, I'm a neat freak. Clutter and disorganization actually make me sick to my stomach.
* My favorite childhood story was The Velveteen Rabbit.
* I love cats.
* I was the primary researcher for my high school debate team. The few times I stood in for an alternate, I won by a landslide.
* I don't really talk much, which most people mistake as me being conceited.
* Tell me I can't and I will.
* Although I'm not super materialistic, I need a certain amount of wealth to feel secure. I must be prepared.
* I like older people. Their wisdom and perspective are soothing. In fact, I am ten years younger than my husband. I've never gotten along with people my own age.
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