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Who am I?

Here's my introduction....

I am a total dreamer.
I am quite impulsive.
Music is my biggest passion.
I'm fascinated by other cultures and I love learning foreign languages.
I dream of traveling all over the world.
If I could have anything I want - ever, in the entire world, it would be to have wings so that I could fly like a big hippogrif.
I feel my emotions in extremes. Either I'm incredibly happy or I'm extremely depressed.
My feelings are generally all or nothing and black and white.
I have a hard time holding down a relationship, usually I get bored but water signs are my weakness.
When in love, I am the most loyal and understanding person but I am extremely jealous and can be possessive.
When it comes to sex, I've done and tried nearly everything. I've been with all kinds of people, black, white, girl, boy, femme boy, boyish girl, swingers, name it, I've tried it or am open to the idea.
I consider myself somewhat of a morbid person. I am kind of a pessimist and untrusting of other people.
I do however love humanity and wish there was more that I could do to enlighten others.
While I care for the greater good, I relish my alone time and value my freedom.
I cant stand making plans as I am afraid of committing to something I will just find a way of backing out of.
There are so many t hings I could be good at but I have a hard time trying to pick just one thing to focus on. I'm definitely A.D.D.
People see me as pretty eccentric and crazy. I've got a reputation for being crazy. Though at one point in my life, I was diagnosed bipolar. I feel very passionate about the things that I love. If I love something or someone, it consumes all of me and I have a hard time moving on. I can be quite stubborn and have an awful temper. Oh and I'm a singer/songwriter. Piano and voice =D


What sign am I?

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my mind's darting a bit between a few signs...
i start thinking sagittarius, but then i think scorpio... then i start to wonder about aquarius, or maybe...


I'm going to guess Scorpio, though some things don't fit with that.
i'm still not very sure, but i'm just going to settle on sagittarius so that i can feel slightly contrary. ^_^
Something is telling me Pisces.
I get an aries feeling from you, or a libra?
scorpio, sagittarius, gemini - in the order of the gut.
i'd say scorpio, with some libra in ya.